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Blind Rescue Dog Saves 14-Year-Old Girl From Drowning
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Blind Rescue Dog Saves 14-Year-Old Girl From Drowning! He's An Absolute HERO! I'm So Amazed!
When Annette and Steve McDonald rescued Norman, an adorable yellow Labrador Retriever, from an Oregon animal shelter they knew by his sweet demeanor that they had found someone special! However, it wasn’t until a fateful trip to the beach that they would learn just how amazing he was!

Shortly after bringing home Norman, the couple found out that he was suffering from a genetic disease in his eyes which left him blind. Although nothing could be done surgically to restore his eyesight, the family said that Norman was adapting fine to his diagnosis and was still able to run and play just like any other pup his age!

One day Annette took Norman to one of his favorite places: the Necanicum River to go swimming. But during that trip, Annette saw a 14-year-old girl starting to drown in the water! Without even thinking, Norman plunged into the waters and made a beeline for her screams for help! By following her voice Norman was able to rescue the girl and bring her to safely to shore unharmed!

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