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The whole Rockstar Dream.... [English]

Either you live your dream or it dies out or someone kills it...

No matter what it was or is, it is a dream.... Only you can choose if you want to do something about it or not!

And that wasn't really my thought. But still true.

Many years ago i wrote a blog piece on how i never became the big rockstar. It doesn't mean i don't still dream about it. But for this dream to come true i would have to do one thing that i am terrified of!
Singing (out loud)
I don't know why i stopped singing? I sang a lot as a kid. Made up silly songs and sang from my heart - and then i stopped....
Was it my voice not changing they way i wanted it to? Or that i was Buuhed out in fifth grade by the entire school when we where on stage with the choir?

What did this?

I still dream! I still see myself on stage singing my heart out to some catchy tunes i made up. And the music sounds awesome!

But reality?

Only i can do something about this! And not just dream about it.... Dreams are good though, because sometimes reality seems to be very different than what you thought...

I'll find my old post on being a rockstar on put it up here... (and link to it)

What makes people dream about things?
What do you (reader) dream about?
Do you have secret dreams you never told anyone? And why?

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