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My Brother <3 - [English]
Posted on 06-02-2013 22Surprised5

It was a stormy night back in 1967...... Well no one knows how stormy it really was, but one can say for sure, that it was a night in 1967 - maybe even day?
The date was November 19th - a boy was born!

That sounds easy and beautiful doesn't it?

There where a catch to this birth!

The boy was dead - He didn't breathe.
They worked on him, trying to pull him into life, but gave up....
At 22 minutes, he took his first breathe of air - after they gave up on him. Showing the world right there, that he and he alone would be the one to decide if he should live or die!

And so starts the story of my brother!

Being without air for so long gave him a disability - Cerebral Parese. Binds him to a wheelchair.
He can't walk!
He can't talk!
He can't feed himself!
He can't go to bed when tired!

This might be what you see, when you see him and his wife walking around their home city of Århus.
A man who can't do anything....

But then you would be wrong in what you see!

His body might not work as he would want it to. But his inner being is a whole! And if any, he does in fact know how to express himself.

Growing up with a brother like that.....
Is just like growing up with any brother like that....
Like that is many thing, but if you have ever had a brother, you would know that there is a lot of love, but bad days do happen - That's how it is being human! We have ups and downs.
We had more ups than downs, because we had so much fun together.

In my mind he was never different from anyone else. And i still don't see him as being different.
I did understand that he couldn't do the same things as i could - which was why i did them for him, so he could experience them to.

He lived in boarding school for young people with various disabilities. It was a huge place, with lots and lots of options to go exploring.
One favourite game was tag you're it in the basement.
Man we ran and ran and had so much fun.

At home, he had the best bed ever. It was so cool that i could be a part of any story i might come up with.
My favourite story was that the bed was in fact a raft we had build on a desert island. We sailed the oceans on this raft, seeing the billion stars, the full moon lighting up our ways - whales jumping up splashing us wet and guiding our way to more stories.

Our mom never told us to go to sleep - she knew we had a special moment in our story, and why ruin a perfect moment?
Plus as she said, this would make us sleep later and hence that, her to!

At a point in our life, i realized that we woke up before our mom did - and she was the only one who could get him out of bed. And mom's sleeping can take HOURS..... So we worked out plans to get him into his wheelchair. It wasn't easy and it wasn't perfect. But he did get up!
The first thing we worked up, was taking one side of the wheelchair (Yeah you can do that), and then let him slide into the chair.
Another thing i had him do was get up to a sit position on his own.
I would hold his legs for support, so he could swing up - this made it a bit easier to get him into the chair.
He wouldn't always do this, so i would pull his bed (it had wheels) up to the door so he at least could look out.

October 15th!
That was our moms birthday.
We locked her up in her room, to make her all kinds of surprises. Food, gifts and coffee. She endured this, as she knew we had planned it for a long time, and was always happy and surprised with what we had made up for her.

At some point in life i got me this rather perfect desk. My brother could sit at one end. I would block the door with his wheelchair (yeah i am evil Tunge ) And then put a pencil in his hand and make him write or draw.
This wasn't his favourite thing to do!!
It was mine though. Bredt grin
I wanted him to learn the basic writing and drawing and never believed he could not do it!
In the end it proved that he could, maybe not write, but draw! He has since made a lot of paintings! So i am guessing it did make a difference those hours spend at my desk.

As we grew up - he being 5 years older than me, he went out into the world before me, and had and still have a lot of experiences.
It was hard not being a part of all of them, because he is and will always be the only person on earth i really look up to - he is my idol and he is my hero! hearts

On the picture above, he sits with his childhood friend - Thor. You all should meet these two Bredt grin

As i wrote in the beginning - if you meet him for the first time or just see him on the street, you might think he aint all that.... But he is.
He has loads of humour!!!

And can get away with it Tunge

The way he talks, is through gestures and a bliss board.... Soon he will get a tablet to help him.
Now age has taking it's toll on him, so he can't use his arms as well as before, but he can use his right foot. With his toes, he navigates through facebook, and soon his tablet.

In 2003 our mom died.
In 2003 he got married!

He meet the love of his life, years before they got married.
Her name is Michelle!

Someone made a small movie (5 minutes) about them (It is in Danish)

YouTube Video

News from Århus, is there will be made another - longer one. This i am looking forward to see!! [heart004]

This is René and Michelle meeting up with one of their idols (Julio Iglesias)
Our gesture for him is, to take one hand and make a circle over the head. Because he has a bald spot [cutelaugh]

I can't tell his story! Because i am not him! Be should tell it himself! And maybe he will?

If you walk out there in the world and meet someone with any disability - remember this:

There is a whole person inside!
You can't judge a book by it's worn cover!!
Go say hi instead of pointing and just standing there looking!
Go ask!
Or just walk away!

Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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