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TRANS* HEALTH: US vs. Denmark!
YouTube Video

Text from the channel:
Offentliggjort den 16/11/2014
Ryan Cassata interviewing Elvin Pedersen-Nielsen about transgender rights, surgeries, and the health care system in Denmark. It's a very different process than here in the US, so please spread the word. Awareness can help.

Elvin writes for a blog called "QueerKraft" in Denmark, you can see an article he wrote about "Songs for Alexis" & me here: http://modkraft.d...revolution
The google translator works pretty well if you copy and paste the text.

My page: http://www.facebo...yancassata

Our friend Mads is also an activist for transgender rights in Denmark and around the world. Here is his page: http://www.almind...
Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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