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Laundry Happiness - [English]

Through out the years, i have heard how people hate doing laundry.
I don't get that?

First, you don't really have to do much - the machine does it for you. It is not like the old days, where you had to find a river and scrub your things there...
You don't have to gather water from a well and do it in the living room in a tub, and then having the struggles of getting the water out.
It is not like you have to stand scrubbing for hours on end.

All you have to do is put it in a machine, add some soap and wait for an hour or more. Then either hang it up of throw it in a dryer. Then depending on who you are... throw it in your closet or put it in there, neatly folded. Really that is all there is to it!

But i was raised differently.
My mom made me love doing laundry.
She had lost her sense of smell at a young age. (She was a wild kid) So she would always have us kids smell it, if it smelled good and then we should tell her the best we could how it smelled.
We learned a lot from this. Not only how to describe things that otherwise could be hard. Because how do you actually describe a summer breeze? The sense of yellow roses?

All she had where her memories of what things smelled like!

She made us love the fresh night covers. How they felt after having been outside in the summer (and winter since that also was her thing)
And how there is just that special something about clean clothes that dirty can't give you.

To the day. I love doing my laundry! And doing them right now as i write this.
The feel of getting it done!
The feel of the smells (Yeah i hang em up!)
The knowing that when i use my clean towels, the kinda scrub a bit, which i love.
The look in my closet, and seeing it full.

That is my happiness! - Laundry Happiness
Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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