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He Would Brag To His Fellow Soldiers About His .....
He Would Brag To His Fellow Soldiers About His Girlfriend All The Time. There Was Just 1 Problem.

If — like me — you're a sucker for the very small human stories behind huge historical events, you'll want to hear this from Lt. Dan Choi, who chained himself to the White House fence in 2010 and helped bring down "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" less than a year later. Make sure you check out 2:18 for his amazing love story, 6:30 for what happened when he came out to his parents, and 10:40 for the heartwarming, totally unexpected email he received from an Iraqi doctor. But really, you'll want to watch the whole thing.
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Original story performed by Lt. Dan Choi at Made to Be Broken: Stories of Disobedience, hosted by The Moth in Portland, Oregon. The Moth is the purveyor of amazing stories on the regular, and you can follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel. For more background on Lt. Dan Choi's epic heroism, here is some video.
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