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How To Get Lost Easy

1. Go for a walk!
2. Ignore known signs of where you are
3. If your gut tells you to turn right - Turn left
4. Always remember to go in circles
5. If you have a gps/google maps with you - click the "Reverse" Setting
6. Make sure you have water, food and light
7. Have the time of your life seeing new stuff

These rules goes only if you are in a city area. Do not do this alone! And do not do this in nature, unless you actually know what you are doing!

Saturday January 23th 2016 i went for a walk!
I knew where i wanted to go, and went there.
The motivation was: Snow and fog.

I packed my cameras up. Warm clothes and of i went.

The story could end around here, if not had i had a very good idea...
Because i do get good ideas, and they almost always ends up being something i did not expect.

So let's start at the end.
As i got home i checked my step app in my phone and it said: 12274 steps

First time i checked it - it was at 4000 steps and i was still in an area i knew.

Can you guess the rest of the story now?

Here's how it went down....
I wanted to go to "Åløkkeskoven" (Yeah you who are not native to the Danish language, try and say that Bredt grin )
It is fairly easy to get there. Just walk by the harbour, through the small forest area, to the bigger forest area and you are there.

Åløkkeskoven, is a cool place. There is a stream you can follow and in spring time, you can find lot's of frogs trying to get to their other side (Yes i said THEIR, for a reason Bredt grin Because they are getting to another place, they are their as in them...)
Don't try and help them though, as they seem to get all confused about where they where going. I tried... a few times in my life to help the little frogs get to where i thought they wanted to go... I guess they didn't want to either go where i helped to to, or they simply got confused?

There are path you can follow. Either just through it or in and around where all the fun is.
And in the middle, there is a great open place, with a big nature like playground for kids, and places for the adults to hang out.
There are fields for horses to.

My city - It is kinda hard to imagine my city is Denmarks third? largest city in Denmark.
We have so much nature everywhere. And that is one of my reasons to love to live here. I never have to go far, to enjoy nature!

For those of you who do not know.
I have a bad back. I have Scolioses and are missing about 2.5 cm om my right leg from this.
And now i am 43. It has taken it's toll on my back.

So when i go for a walk like this. I have to sit for a while and let my back find it self again. Which is very painfull. But i did not want to go home just yet. I was having a good time being out and about.

I had been there before and thought i knew where i was going... Really thought i knew where i was going... *Sigh*

As i said, the last know place i was at, i checked my step app. It said: 4000 steps. I thought that would be good, and i wanted to go home.
Really i did want to go home... But that was not quite how it went down.

The darkness had come, and that changes a lot.
I thought to myself, well if i walk that way i should get down to "Næsbyvej".
But it never came for some odd reason?
So i sat down and checked google maps to see where i actually where at.
I was not where i thought i was, according to the map, and there began the confusing.
I knew if i went my "Tarupvej" it would be the wrong way. But for some (again) really odd reason, that road turned up a lot, no matter where i went. What was up with that?

I then thought: Well fuck you map... i'll go where i think i should go!
Which turned up to be a really bad thing, as i then ended the very opposite direction of where i wanted to go. And when i checked the map again, it now said: 25 minutes. Where before it said 19 minutes.

I did see stuff i never knew was here. I cool place for handicapped people. Beaufitul place.
Which then gain i ended up seeing three times, as i ended up going in a circle? Which still make no sense to me...

I then asked for directions... She said left. I went left. But what i should see, i did not see????

And i began to be somewhat worried - because i knew i was now really in "Tarup". Which really is not the way i wanted to go. It is actually the opposite direction.
Again i sat down... thinking if someone had called the police on me, for being a creepy guy walking around smaller housing areas - in my black clothes....
No one did i guess... But it totally could have happen.

I gave it one last shot! However... my feet where beginning to hurt now. My shoes wheren't made for getting lost...
And as i finally found the road the maps said i should, i was what the?

You see it has a pointer. Like an arrow, so i thought i should follow that one? But it never turned the way i was turning? And the way i thought i should go always ended up being the opposite way...
I totally blame the map for getting lost... Bredt grin

Now i saw someone. A young woman, and i simply asked her: Where is the nearest bus stop?
Turn left - and then left and you should see it.

I thanked her, and she said: Have a great evening Bredt grin

The bus stop where there! After two turn left!
First time that worked out that day Bredt grin

I was at the top of "Ruggårdsvej". And if you go to google maps and type these roads in i have told you... Well let's just say: It was quite an adventure! And i am not getting of my comfy chair any day soon!
Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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