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Introduction, who am I and what do I want!!
Hi My name is Stephanie Stine Toft(Call name: Stine) and I am the chairperson of Intersex Danmark, a group working for the recognition of human rights for Intersex people in Denmark and doing awareness in the same category.

I am myself born as Intersex, with with 47, XXY kariotype, female phenotype(not to be confused with Klinefelter's syndrome, which is a syndrome that only affects people with 47, XXY kariotype, male phenotype).

When I was born I was assigned as male and has been raised to fill the gender role typically associated with that.

I spend a great deal of my time studying the human condition, to better myself towards my personal goal of getting recognition for the human rights of both intersex and transgender people and I will be writing a great deal about intersex and transgender from a scentific point of view.

YouTube Video

When I'm not doing the intersex advocacy thing I like to, play my guitar, sing, dance, be handy, make synthetic dreadlocks, sew and design my own clothes, play around with makeup, listen to music, build houses, twirl.... 0.o video editing, music editing.... and lots of other stuff.

YouTube Video

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All I know, is that I know nothing - Sokrates
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