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Voice training (intro)
My own voice was always very androgenous from the start and I have been playing guitar and singing for all of my life. When I was younger, I was reared towards acting and portraing maleness and so I teached myself to lower my voice, so that it would sound male.

Later in life, when I began my social transition, I teached myself to raise my voice to sound female.

So, now I can speak in both a manner that sounds male and a manner that sounds female and I do whatever feels right for me, in any situation.

I often get asked how I learned to speak in a way that sounds female and as it is with any skill, it isn't something you "just" do. I try to give pointers and sometimes teaches a bit on the subject.

Unfortunently there isn't a video in existence on how I learned to do it, there is a few on "how to" lower ones voice, for FtM transgender people, using the techniques I used myself, but not one on "how to" raise ones voice for MtF transgender people, using the techniques i used.

Therefore, I've decided to make this subject, showing some of the videos I used as Inspiration for learning my own female sounding voice and some of the video's I show to people in need of voice training, so that someone visiting this fora, can learn how to feminize their voice.

I will try to find the FtM voice training videos and make a seperate post about that.
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