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This is written on Mothers Day 2016.

Dear Mum.
Today is Mothers Day - a day we never celebrated.
Sometimes i wonder why? And then kinda remember, it was because we forgot when it was. (Mind you reader, this was before facebook came and reminded you of everything!)

But did you think about it?
I know how much you loved what me and my brother did for you on your birthday. So would you have loved Mothers Day?

The years has gone by since you died. 13 years to be exact.
Even though i up to the day, seem to remember that the day is coming. I forget on the day. And then remember about a week after.
It is a good sign. It means i have moved on i guess.

These days i seem to have a lot of memories from my life. My up bringing being one of them.
I have tried the last ten years or so, to only focus on all the good things. But the bad things seems to wanna have a look at the surface at this time. I don't know why, and i actually don't want them to.
But i have also learned that forcing something to go away always comes with a cost. So i let the memories have their ride.

It our life where different - would i have become something? Would you mum?
Well you did become more than me. So it sorta worked out for you, until you meet your doom. My dad. I seem to have concluded that your doom, was my dad.

I have thought about how your life would have been, if you had not meet him?
Would my brother and i even have been here?

I hope that in what ever life you have now - that it is much better. That you find true love! Have a real life! And have no more hurts!

Happy Mothers Day Mum wherever you are! hearts

Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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