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Goddesses Of The World
Mother Goddess
The Mother is three headed , trinity , she is creation , birth and death. Life's rising forces , sprouting , the flower , maturity. She is the Air , Earth and the underworld. She is Love , destiny and death.

The Mother Goddess is very thing.

The Mothers First face is a young woman , the bubbling Spring there is opening the earths womb and brings warmth and life to earth. She is the springs breeze , joy and sprouting. She is the earths inner soul , its rising forces. She is Love , susceptibility and fertilization. She is the flower , peace , joy , radian and gentleness. She is the creator. She did rise from the underworld and she brings the Light of the underworlds Kingdom with her.
Her names are
Astarte , Kybele , Kore , Hebe , Mari , Ceres , Venus and Freja.

The Mothers second face is the mother , birth , the child , the giver of live. The eternally running spring from the mothers breast. The sitting life in the mothers dark grotto. She is the green earths vigorous , defender of all life. She is the full woman , she is gravity. She is the womb with the fully developed child, She is the women giving birth , fertility. She is summer and harvest.
Her names are
Freja , Demeter , Hera , Rhea , Gaia , Isis , Diana , Artemis , Hathor.

The Mothers third face is the old woman , prehistoric wisdom . She is fall , the leafs gentle journey to the ground , intensity , storms , darkness , the earths womb. She brings the light to the underworlds Kingdom. She is the Creator of life and death. She is the Magic , the Mystery , the Force ,the fire there burn around deaths mountain. She is the queen of witchcraft. She is knowledge , frightened and intensity.
Her names are
Hekate , Hell , Persephone and Sfinks.

Moon Goddess

The Moon was created when the gods and goddesses churned the universe into the Milk ocean. The Moon is the sky's Queen , Earth clear-sight. The Moon grants our globe Life and rules over fertility. The Moon's three shapes created the trinity. She is the three shaped , trinity and three headed goddess. She is the new Moons infant wreath. She is the menstruation , that makes Woman able to give life. She is the growing Light. She is the Creator. Her names are Birgitte , Phoebe , the young Diana. She is the full Moon beam. She is the creator and the protector of Earth. She is fertilization , the fully developed and birth. She is the eye of the cat , the ocean and the spring brightness. She is Isis , Astarte , Artemis , Diana Hathor. She is the black Moon , the Mystery , Wisdom , Magic , the underworlds kingdoms mirror. She is Hekate.

The Goddesses of destiny
Nornerne - The Fates

The prehistoric Mother Urd and her sisters Verande and Skuld live in a cave inside the earth. The roots of the tree of life draw nourishments from there , as life's spring fertilize earth. Nornerne is the trinity Destiny Goddesses there weaves life's quilt , tied the knots , smooth them out , spinning the thread and gentle closed life's quilt as a perfect masterpiece , when Life's golden thread runs out. Nornerne are with the Child when it is born , they measurer the life's thread and destiny. To please the fates you serve porridge or a sweet meal with wine one of the first nights the child is born , then the Fates or Nornerne will find joy with the child and grant the child a long and strong life. The Greek Destiny Goddesses are Morerne , Clotho , and the weaver Lachesis , She measurer life's length and Atropa , She cut the thread of life.

The Sun Goddesses
the sun is worshiped from a hill where the source to spring is , the sun is the days eye. the names of the Sun Goddesses are Sunna , Sul Sulis , Sun and Aurora the glow of dawn Goddess.
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Greek Love goddess. She is trinity Goddess with many aspects. She is a Destiny Goddess. She is Urania , Queen of the sky. She is All aspects of Love , embryo , happiness , joy , and as Venus she is sexuality. She is the Marriage Goddess , She is the Birth Goddess and as Venus She is the Queen of the seas , She did rise from the sea foam. She is the creator of roses , scents of joy. As Androphonus She ruinous to Men. She is often compared with Isis and Astarte. She is Mari ----> Ocean.

Amazon Moon Goddess , the Maiden of the Silver Bow, has the power to send sudden death to mortals, as well as the power to heal. In Greek Mythology She is the Mother Goddess. The Goddess for conceive , birth , and the protector of woman. She is the fire Goddess and in the fire the souls are reborn. She is natures Goddess and the protector of life. The Goddess are trinity and contain creation , life and death. She is close related to Diana and Kybele. In Her Death and wisdom aspect She is Sekmet Sakhmis Spinx.

Trinity Mother Goddess. Other Names Demeter, Hathor and Aphrodite. In Astarte third face She rules over the death ,there life in shining dresses in the sky . She is the mother of stars , the Moon surrounded of Her children.

The old-Italian Goddess of agriculture, grain, and the love a mother bears for her child. The cult of Ceres was originally closely connected with that of Tellus, the goddess earth. In later mythology, Ceres is identified with the Greek Demeter. She is the daughter of Saturn and the mother of Proserpina. Ceres had a temple on the Aventine Hill , were she was worshipped together with Liber and Libera. Her festival, the Cerealia, was celebrated on April 19. Ceres is portrayed with a scepter, a basket with flowers or fruits, and a garland made of the ears of corn. Another festival was the Ambarvalia, held in May.

She is gate to the female mystery's , from whose roots the sky and earth stem from. She is like the mature woman , corn mother and symbol of the ripen field. As a fertility goddess she is sometimes identified with Rhea and Gaia. The Goddess is trinity : Kore as the young , Demeter as the mother and Persephone as the wise , there walks the Underworld.

She is a Roman trinity Goddess. She is the Moons virgin , the sky's Queen , the infant glow from the creation. The young girl , menstruation. She is the protector of the Moon and creator of life on earth. She life in the deep oak forest in a sacred Moon cave , where She protected , heal and restore to heath of All life. She is consecration , dedication. She is conception. She is where there is a birth of Children , Trees , Flowers , animal and life. She is the wise mature woman there nourish life at her breast in the forest womb. Diana the wild prehistoric woman , The forest soul , The hunter. She is darkness , She is wildness. She is the earths deep Moonwomb. She is the Queen of witchcrafts. In Greek she is Artemis and as the Forest protector She is Dea adnoba and Dea ardenna.

The Nordic Vikings Goddess of fertility. She carry many forces in her. She is fertility , blossom , nourishment. She protected , She is Love and She is close by lovers. She is the young woman , the mother. She is the Moon sea , the underworld , the stars and Magic. She is the leader of Valkyries. She is the most beautiful of all the goddesses, and is desired by many gods and men. Freja is also the goddess of battle and death, and has the right to choose half of all the men slain in battle. Freja's day is Friday and her number is 13.

Gaia is the Earth , the only thing over Gaia is the night and under Gaia is darkness . Gaia is the mother of all living : humans , Gods and Goddess , The Elements Air , fire , water and earth. She give birth to the sky. The Earth goddess, and one of the first beings to appear during creation. She gave birth to the Titans, but her husband, the sky god Uranus; push the children back inside her body, fearing that they would rebel against him. Her son Cronus avenged Gaia. She is also sometimes known as Ge.

The Egyptian goddess of love and fertility. Hathor is Sevenfold , the full Moon , the Queen of the sky . She give the child seven souls at birth and She is called the Good fairy . She's seen either in the form of a cow, or as a woman wearing a headdress in which a Sun disc is held between cow's horns. When Ra sent her to destroy mortals, she changed into Sekhmet, the goddess of war and destruction She is also known as Hethert.

Greeks Prehistoric Trinity Mother Goddess , Called the most Love of all Goddesses. She commands the sky , earth and the underworld. She is the Underworlds ruler and light. She is the old woman's Wisdom , The Goddess of Mystery , Mysticism and Witchcrafts. In Egypt She is Hag Heq the sacred woman. She is the wife of Hags , Queen of Death. She is in thoughts with life and death.

Hell is sacred and live in a sacred cave in the burning mountain. She protects you on your journey to the underworld , She will cover you with her Hell gown so you can travel the fire of the underworld without fear. Hell has connection to fertility and know Freja and the Elder bush. She is friends with all the known witchcrafts. She protects you when you are seeking the frontier between life and death. She is Nefhel or Nifl , the Shadows Queen. She is the great-grandmother of the devil , old Nick. those there fear her call her home HELL . She are also know as Hel , Holle and Hulda .

Greek God. Hermes is Magic , character , medicine , occult wisdoms God. Hermes originally united with Aphrodite. He has breasts and he is feminine, Hermaphrodite. In Egypt he is Thoth and closely attached to the Goddess Isis. In the north he is the God Odin and get his knowledge from the Goddess Freja. In Roma He is called Mercury. He is fourfold , Mysticism crossroad , the four seasons , the four sacred celebrations , the four elements and the four winds, in Christianity He is the archangel Michael.

Idun is the Spring, fertility and immortality. Every spring Freja dresses herself in Bird Slough and fly with Idun as the seed in her beak. Idun is the keeper of the immortality apple tree. The Gods and Goddesses need the apples to keep their immortality.

The Egyptian Moon Goddess. She gave birth to the sun and She grants earth life. Her tears give water to the Nile , fertility and nourishment. She is the mother , Earths life giving forces. She gave us the Corn , made the earth green. She is the Moon , the Sun , the mirror of the Stars and the Waters brightness. Behind a veil Isis guard the altars Wisdom.

She is Demeter's Virgin side. She is the infant spring , joy , sprouting , Earths inner soul , Menstruation , the first Love , fertilization and initiation. She is also called Mari and Hebe.

Kybele is the Prehistoric mother. The Goddess in the cave Magna Mater. She is the mother to the Gods from Ida. In Roma She was celebrated with the return of Spring. She was Rhea Lobrina.

Venus The Roman Goddess Of Love, also known as Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. Venus was born of the Sea and the Sky. She was honored as the Mother of the Roman people.
Her mortal born son was Aeneas. Aeneas was the founder of the
great city of Rome. Venus serves as inspiration to many great works of art,
It is the Goddess Venus who inspires people to love one another
and to celebrate the rites of Marriage.
She is also associated with the rites of Spring and Fertility.
Though there are many other great Goddesses associated with
Love, Venus reigns as the supreme Goddess Of Love.
With her exquisite features and pleasant smile she attracted many suitors, gods and mortals alike. However, she was married to the graceless and lame Vulcan, the god of fire. Her true love was Mars , the god of war. Their child was the beautiful goddess Harmonia. One day while Venus and Mars were together they were caught in an invisible but strong net forged by Vulcan, and exposed to the ridicule and laughter of the other gods at Mt. Olympus.

Odin is The chief of the gods. He Live in Valhalla. Valhalla is The home of The Nordic Viking Gods and Goddesses, amongst them feast the bravest souls of warriors fallen in battle. Odin is the god of battle and death , and can determine the outcome of a war by throwing down his spear towards the winning side. He is also the god of Wisdom and Magic , Inspiration and Prophesies. With his brothers , he slew the giant Ymir and created the Earth and set the Sun and the Moon in motion. Odin has two pet crows Hugin & Munin which he uses to spy on every one by taking out his eye and letting them carry it on their journeys. Odin is the proud owner of the eight-legged horse Sleipner. In ancient runes the symbol of the sun often represents the eye of Odin.

Thor is the mighty Nordic God of thunder and of the Sun. He creates the Lightning with his hammer Mjölner by swinging it around in anger whilst riding his chariot drawn by his two rams Tandgnisner & Tandgnojst , the thunder is appearing from the rumbling wheels of his chariot. He is the eldest son of Odin and his mother is said to be the Earth herself. Thor is a good friend of human kind and the sworn enemy of the giants.
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