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Hi, I'm Intersex - With Pidgeon

About Pidgeon:
I'm pidgeon and I'm a non-binary intersex person, activist, blogger, filmmaker and youtuber. I grew up believing I was the only person like me--born with sex characteristics such as chromosomes, reproductive organs, and or genitalia not easily categorized as either male or female--but found out that there's indeed millions of intersex people around the world. In fact, according the UN's latest statistics, intersex people may be as common as natural born redheads!

I want to live in a world where babies who are born intersex are no longer subjected to non-consensual, medically unnecessary, genital destroying "cosmetic" surgeries. These surgeries are considered by many, including the UN, to be violations of our human rights.

Part 1
YouTube Video

Part 2
YouTube Video

Part 3
YouTube Video

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