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The Ghost Inside My Child - [Paranormal Documentary]

What if your child remembered living and dying in a past life? The Ghost Inside My Child on bio. explores children's incredible stories of past lives, told in stunning detail. This is a documentary reenactment TV series from the network: A&E Television Networks

The program is not about dreams but about reincarnation. Two young boys have inexplicably strange obsessions and horrific nightmares, describing events they could not have possibly witnessed or been exposed to. One child claims his name is something like Peter, seems to understand German, makes drawings of WWII fighter planes and of evacuating children from a war zone.

Disaster deaths: From a young age Jamey had a crippling fear of water and would have intense night terrors about drowning. He became eerily obsessed with the Titanic and would be consumed with guilt over the lives lost that cold night.

Season 1 Info!

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