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The Opposite Sex: Rene's Story [Documentry]

This remarkably honest film chronicles Rene as he confronts the issues surrounding the conflict between his gender and physical appearance while completing female-to-male gender reassignment surgery. This intimate look at his extraordinary journey reveals the conflicts that transgender persons have as well as the physical and emotional stress caused by the discord between gender and body. The film also offers insight into the effects the transition has on family members and Rene's marriage of twelve years through revealing interviews and heartfelt confrontations. Part of Logo's Real Momentum documentary series.

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Rene is a 31 year old female-to-male gender reassignment candidate who has taken hormones for years and "passed" as a man for all of his adult life. Married to his high-school sweetheart, Wona, a heterosexual woman, for 12 years, no one would guess Rene was biologically a woman. Living under a veil of secrecy and lies, Rene and Wona's lives seemed fine until someone "outted" the couple at their beloved church and everything they knew was destroyed. The public revelation of Rene's secret starts to unravel his marriage to Wona. Through all of it, Rene continues to hold on to his lifelong obsession to become a biological male and goes on a cross-country search to find the best transgender surgeon, only to discover that the current surgery options are flawed.

Wona, a heterosexual woman, has been married to Rene, her high school sweetheart for twelve years. After the pair are "outed" by their community, Wona begins to feel the overwhelming effects that is has on their marriage.

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